A naturalistic method for actualize ‘home-made side dish by mom'

▲ Manufactured through a process that meets highest hygiene regulations.

Naturalistic method of manufacturing each by hand with sincerity

‘Homemade side dishes made by my mother’ is the motto that Bukha pursues. Therefore, we have adopted a naturalistic method that measures the quantity of each material and manufactures small amounts by hand. Therefore, it is different from other products that are prepared packaged by machines. Bukha is making safe food by strictly observing hygiene rules in a clean workplace.

Manufacturing safety proven by international certification

All Bukha products are manufactured in compliance with ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000, which are food safety management system certifications.

ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 are international standards that manage factors that may cause problems during the entire process of food production, including raw materials, manufacturing, processing, preservation, and distribution, until it is delivered to consumers. This is a certificate that publicly proves that companies around the world work in the same way within the specified regulations, and can only be approved if manufactured in accordance with the standards. Furthermore, in order to provide more reliable products to customers, we are in the process of obtaining HACCP (Food Safety Management Certification Standard) certification.