"Always full of Passion, Master Jun",

Korea's intangible cultural heritage for pickled products

Brings new innovation in the side dish industry

‘Never deceive yourself nor deceive others.

Honest today makes my way proud”

Always puts every effort and passion into the field for honest food

Preserving the taste of tradition while creating new innovations

Still today, "Master Byeong-Jun" sets the flame of passion.

Since 1990,

Bukha's food started from side dishes made by mothers in Jeollanam-do for their children.

Byeong-Jun resigned from his prior work to inherit the side dish business from his mother.

There were many difficulties due to the young age of 26 with lack of experience.

All this time, with the clear goal of ‘Do not deceive yourself nor deceive others, Honest today makes my way proud', he became the youngest Master in Korean intangible cultural heritage in pickled products

He is thriving to become a Master who pioneers traditions rather than just keeping them by creating new recipes which adds a spirit of experimentation and implemented practical products that could appeal to customers.

Furthermore, he has developed new export routes not only in the United States but in Australia, Southeast Asia and Japan where traditional Korean food is barren to lead the globalization of Jangseong-gun specialties.

'‘Master un' is dedicated for continuous challenge and innovative menu development to bring delicious side dishes to our customers.

Brand story

Korean Intangible Cultural Heritage Traditional Pickled Foods

CEO Byeong-Jun Jeong

Youngest to be named Master

'Master Byeong-Jun' was differentiated from other products by applying youthful sense away from the static image that comes to mind when thinking of traditional masters. It is a representative brand in Bukha that contains the will of Master Byeong-Jun to create products that give customers trust by putting hisr name and face on his products.

BUKHA is practicing continuous brand development in order to approach customers in a more friendly way.

▲ Developed Hangul pattern that can

 best appeal to K-FOOD

▲ Developed character that can be approached

 in a friendly way for consumers who are

 not familiar with salted seafood